About Jenn

My Name is Jenn Alvarez and I am an aspiring Christian writer, wife, sister, daughter and mother of five uniquely gifted children ranging from ages eleven to seventeen.  God has given us an amazing opportunity to care for our “now” God child these past few years, which would make that six uniquely gifted children in our blessed, small, yet messy household.

I’m a Broken Soul striving to find peace, purpose and a deeper connection in this crazy world.  I took myself off the map to discover what it’s like to live FREE.  Free from cultural pressures and expectations of me.  People often say “well I’m not in a position to do that”.  I’m here to say I felt the same way, yet I walked anyways with a heavy weight of providing for six children, with a burning passion, and an eager desire to surrender what binds my heart in place of Him.  His ways is not our ways and that’s why it is necessary to set ourselves apart.  I now have this amazing experience and a craving passion to share with others.  My happiness and Well Being has shot through the roof and I no longer chase the worldly things our culture told us would make us happy.  Praise God!  He is RESToring me and my victory lays ahead.  I invite you to experience freedom with me.  I have a SOULution for your soul.

My Credentials come from Spiritual Insights, Life Experiences and Community.  FIRST and foremost the Lord is my Professor and He instructs me through persistent seeking of discernment and advisability to use me as His vessel to fulfill His promise to others.  My commitment is to undertake that of which He has called me to produce Today.  SECOND is my testimony that bears a wilderness of survival, yet my underserving past was absolutely necessary for me to speak into others’ lives through real, hard core, life experiences.  THIRD is my interconnection in the Community.  I have served in the community consistently for ten years now.  I facilitate bible study sessions weekly and I sit on a board of a Youth Football Organization serving our youth.  Through this, I have reaped intimate relationships that will carry me through a lifetime.  I continue to thrive and acquire wisdom through people God has deposited in my life.  These extraordinary mentors are by my side daily and they hold me accountable to my flesh.

If you have read up to this point, YOU are being CALLED!

What are you depending on to bring you happiness that continues to fail you over and over again?