Week 52 – When your In-Purpose

“Not everyone will understand your journey (in fact, most won’t).  That’s okay.  You’re here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.” author unknown

Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?  For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.”  1 Corinthians 1:20-21


Finding purpose does not just involve finding something you were meant to DO.  It’s very much about finding who you are supposed to BE.  Just like being a Leader is not so much about DOing, as much as it is about BEing.  There are so many of us who are accustomed to the “fake it to make it” ideal world.  We are trying to DO all we can do only to BE someone we were not meant to BE.  Or we are following someone else’s direction and will for us without first discovering what our own passion is for ourselves.  When your a Leader, people want to know you are genuine, honest and full of integrity.  What we do can be learned but who we are is deeply rooted in us.  And at the end of the day ‘people’ follow ‘people’ not jobs — or at least they should be or they may be miserable when they find themselves surrounded by the wrong type of people with the wrong type of boss.


As I get closer to discerning my purpose in this world, I find that God is not only showing me what He wants me to get involved in (to DO), but He is also igniting a gift inside of me (to BE).  And I’m not referring to a talent with my hands but a spiritual supernatural gift.  I was born to be someone unique for an impactful purpose that could change the course of someone’s life — AND so are YOU.  Because we were all born to be someone special for the purpose of His kingdom, it’s our job to find out what that is and BE it.  Let’s not forget the enemy will come along and try to distract us from all we were meant to be.  And face it, he has succeeded with the majority of us.  We are distracted by money, material things, power and title.  We are distracted by the big house and nice cars.  We are distracted by social media and the varied desires of our flesh.


Pursuing purpose is a process — it requires time, discipline and obedience for self awareness to emerge.  It requires spiritual wisdom for surrendering, setting yourself apart, and taking faithful risks.  It requires independent maturity to walk in the unknown and come out “shaking and moving” the things around you.


Pursuing Purpose requires 10 components:

  1. Be still, seek him and set yourself apart
  2. Deny your comfortable routine and fleshly desires
  3. Explore your divine talents
  4. Position yourself to use these talents
  5. Couple with like minded people along the journey
  6. Invest in an accountable partner for development
  7. Activate your spiritual gifting
  8. Allow:  people to speak into your life, to be spirit led, visions to come, doors to open, supernatural connections, divine appointments, and provisional blessings
  9. Prepare:  to rebuke the enemy, pass the test and declare defeat
  10. Promote:  be ready to be ELEVATED and change people’s lives, especially yours


In other words, you have to be vulnerable.  You have to create time and space to seek Him wholeheartedly.  Grow your relationship with Him.  Be consistent and obedient.  Focus on Him.  Ask Him to align His heart and mind with yours.  Stop chasing the worldly dreams.  Stop being average.  And stop following the status quo.  And the visions will come.  Doors will open.  And He will build an army around you.  You will end up in places and your not really sure how you got there.  You will meet new people and have similarities and insights that blow you away.  You will see divine fusions and start connecting dots.  You will be surrounded by a support system and people will be praying over and for you.  And you will feel a supernatural gift inside your spirit that is ready to emerge to bless those you encounter.  CHRIST will be activated inside of you.  And your FAITH alone will keep you motivated, confident, safe and provided for — if you so choose Him over the world.  

I wake up everyday on an amazing supernatural high.  I sometimes pinch myself because I think my life is too good to be true.  I am the happiest and most fulfilled woman and it all started when I decided to march the opposite direction of others.  When I decided to challenge the status quo and listen to the promises God gives us, in His word and in its entirety.  It started when I made a conscious decision to live out what I say I believe.  It started when I got SERIOUS about God and myself.  And it feels GOOD!  And when I get to experience someone’s life change because I chose to share my gift, it feels even BETTER!






Are you ready to take a trip on a journey to Soul discovery and purpose?  To live a purposeful, fulfilled, abundance life?  If your ready, I’M READY!  souljen4u@gmail.com

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