Week 49 – I Am Worth the Investment

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17


When you believe in something, you invest in it.  Whether it be your time, your energy or your money:  Belief = Investment.  It’s been over a year since I have been on this amazing journey with my creator and I am entering into a new season of life, where I have come to love who I am inside and out.  I have spent a healthy year on self exploration and discovery, learning how God created me, honoring the hard times, and forgiving myself for mistakes.  I appreciate my gifts and I accept the deficiencies.  I conclusively love who I am and I value who God created me to be.  I live with active accountability and without blame.  I believe in myself!  I feel worthy and deserving of the blessings and I am optimistic in the shadows!  I am restored and WHOLE!   This reborn season is about me putting my unbeaten foot forward and investing in what I believe in – ME.


Many of us live in a type of bondage that keeps us feeling unworthy and undeserving of anything good that comes our way.  This is our truth and it troubles our little girls as well.  What makes us this way?  Why do young girls and women have so much insecurity?  Who told us we are not good enough?  When was it okay to be last?  Why do we believe in what everyone else says about us?


How long will it take for women to realize that we are WORTH the INVESTMENT? 

  1. That it’s okay to put yourself first
  2. That you are authentic so you don’t have to compare yourself to her
  3. That you have nothing to prove to others
  4. That you are not equal to men because God created you to be a woman


I have theories, but I don’t want to waste my valuable energy finding blame — that’s a waste of time.  I’d much rather advance to a mindset of self-worth.  


So I took a stride forward and fully embraced this new season of life.  I put a design together to ACTivate what God has planted in my heart aligned to my calling at this midlife moment.  Here is the process I went through to get here.

  1. The Avatar:  I put a framework together to understand what I value in life
  2. Big Promise to Others:  I built on that framework and defined my personal Leadership Philosophy
  3. Decision Making Tool:  From this Leadership Philosophy I was able to create my Life Mission Statement
  4. Divine Purpose:  Based on my values, experiences, skill set, and spiritual gifts, I defined the environment that I should be Leading in
  5. Training Plan:  Now that I defined my Point A and my Point B, I put a development plan together
  6. Accountability:  I created my goals and set milestones for the next year and plotted it on my calendar
  7. Financial Freedom:  I then put a survival plan together to allow me time to INVEST in myself
  8. Accountable Partner:  I identified a good partner to COMMIT and stay DISCIPLINED  — I don’t have to allow life to control me anymore


This process of planning and moving forward reveals a testimony of “believing and loving” myself enough to endure transformation.  It’s driving past the fear and doing it scared.  It’s knowing your self worth and trusting that God will take care of the rest.  It’s taking control of your life and confessing that you will no longer live in bondage.  It’s making a change now so that your generation can be free in the future. It’s positioning a place for you and your family in your heavenly home because you choose not to conform to the ways of this world.  It’s being fulfilled, happy and spiritually awakened.


I used to not invest in myself because I thought I should save money for others.  I also thought that because I live check to check I did not have enough money to truly invest in my education, coaching, therapy, etc.  I thought that I only had enough money to invest in my children.  I thought I was too busy and did not have time.  I thought I had to live up to someone else’s expectation of me.  I thought it was too expensive.  I was so wrong.  And I didn’t even realize how that “way of thinking” negatively influenced my loved ones.  Because if I don’t choose to invest in myself, then I can’t be the BEST I can be for the ones I love.  


So fast forward to today — I INVESTED in a Business Coach who is working with me on my big business plans for the future.  I INVESTED in Life Coaching classes that I will be spending the next 15 weeks on to earn a diploma and learn tools and resources to help others in Life Transitions.  I INVESTED in Christian books to help ACTivate my spiritual gifts.  I INVESTED in preparing for a Masters Program in Counseling so that I can be licensed in the State of California.  I am taking what little I have and I am INVESTING in myself.  Best decision I ever made!  Everything I have learned this far has EMPOWERED me with knowledge and confidence to move forward towards my big DREAMS.  I am so excited and fulfilled and I wake up every day grateful for the spiritual awareness and the NEW life God has given me.  For the first time I truly feel ALIVE — all because of a little investment.  


If you are ready to INVEST in yourself, I’m only a phone call/text/email away. 






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